Top Three Things to Know About Signing up for Medicare

Whether you’re approaching retirement age or have a health condition that can significantly affect your future, signing up for Medicare is essential in preparing for your health-related needs. Understanding the enrollment process can help make the transition to Medicare smoother. Here are three critical things you should know about the Medicare enrollment process: 

  • Initial Enrollment Period: The first opportunity most people have to sign up for Medicare is the Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). This period consists of six months, including the three before your 65th birthday and the three following that month. There’s also a General Employment Period, which begins on January 1st and goes through to March 31st each year. However, enrolling during this period can lead to delayed coverage, and you may face late enrollment penalties. 
  • Reliable Source: When you’re in the process of signing up for Medicare and you reside near Ruidoso, NM, you want to have a reliable source to turn to, such as Family Insurance Associates. This way, you can read about various topics that may fit your specific situation. Also, you can obtain information for those residing in your general area. 
  • Coverage Options: Medicare consists of several parts, each covering different healthcare aspects. Part A covers the hospital portion, and Part B covers the medical services. Part C combines Part A and Part B. Part D is the prescription drug coverage.

You’ll find detailed information on Family Insurance Associates that can break down each part for those near the Ruidoso, NM area. This way, you can enroll in the type of Medicare that will most meet your health-related needs.