Guide to Medicare Plans


Eligibility for Medicare Plans

You should be 65  years  of  age  and  older  OR under 65 years and receiving disability benefits from Social Security Administration (SSA) or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).  For people with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) – Must  receive  these  benefits  for  24  months before eligibility for Medicare OR Under 65 years and diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.

Medicare Eligibility

Enrollment into Medicare

Enrollment  into  Medicare ie either Automatic or By Application.

AUTOMATIC  ENROLLMENT: If  already  receiving: Social  Security  Benefits , Social  Security  Disability or Railroad  Retirement  Benefits. Beneficiary  will  receive  Medicare  card  3  months  BEFORE  benefits  are  to  begin.

ENROLLMENT  BY  APPLICATION: If  not  already  receiving  benefits  – beneficiary  applies  through  Social  Security Administration either 3  months  before  turning  65 or in the month  beneficiary  turns  65  or 3  months  after  turning  65. This  is  called  the  Initial Enrollment Period.

Medicare Enrollment

You may delay enrolling  into  Medicare  if you or your  spouse is actively employed AND is covered under group health insurance policy based on active employment. This  is  called  Delayed Enrollment. You may later enroll in medicare when: Employer Group Health Insurance ends. You have 8 Months to enroll.  This Eight Month period is called the Special Enrollment Period.

If you do not enroll during the Initial or Delayed Enrollment periods that is if  you miss your Initial Enrollment Period or your Special Enrollment Period, you get another chance to enroll between January 1st to March 31st of each year. Your coverage begins July 1st.  This is called General Enrollment and in this case you may have to pay a higher premium for late enrollment in Part A and/or a higher premium for late enrollment in Part B.

Original Medicare

Medicare Part A helps pay for Hospital or inpatient stay. Medicare Part B helps pay for Doctor Visits & outpatient services.

Medicare Part A & B


Medicare Plans are Available through Private Insurers. In New Mexico we can help you find the best plan for your needs through Aetna, BCBS of NM, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealthcare (AARP) and Presbyterian Insurance.

Medicare Plan Explanation Source: UnitedHealthcare

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Medicare Supplement Plan Quotes


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