Do I Need To Document My Relationship With My Beneficiaries?

The only rule most life insurance providers in Ruidoso, NM have regarding who you can and cannot name as a beneficiary is that you can’t name a minor. If you want the policy to pay out to a niece, nephew, son, or daughter who’s under eighteen, you’ll need to go through a trusted adult.

Beyond that, you can name anyone you like as a beneficiary, from your wife to your best friend to a favorite football player.

So now the question is: Do you need to provide any sort of documentation as evidence of your relationship to the beneficiary? The answer is no. You might not even need to prove that you’re married to your spouse.

But, they do need the beneficiary’s legal name, and depending on the nature of the relationship and the nature of the policy, they might need some information like social security number, mailing address, and phone number. This varies from situation to situation, and you’ll have to wait and see what information your insurer asks for.

If you have a marriage license for your spouse, birth certificates for your kids, that can be of help, but no document proves someone is your best friend. Some human relationships are easy to document; others are not. Life insurers know this, and they know that not every life insurance beneficiary is going to have the paperwork to prove that they fill that role in your life that you say they fill.

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