What consequences could I face if I don’t have auto coverage in New Mexico?

Residing around Ruidoso, NM, provides numerous perks, and a strong transportation system is one of them. Whether you’re looking to move here or an existing resident, dependable transportation is vital. However, securing trustworthy and reliable auto insurance is equally critical. Without proper insurance coverage, you stand to face several consequences.

Penalization Consequences

In New Mexico, auto insurance coverage is mandatory, not optional. Operating a vehicle without insurance can lead to severe penalties, including state fines and the loss of your driving privileges. Furthermore, you could breach your auto loan agreement as it typically requires comprehensive insurance coverage.

Vulnerability of Losing Your Vehicle

A properly insured car serves as a transportation mode and is also a valuable asset. Being uninsured means risking losing your vehicle and having no financial support if it is damaged in an accident or stolen.

Thus, having the right auto insurance helps you navigate these consequences. If you’re seeking comprehensive auto insurance in the Ruidoso, NM, area, consider reaching out to our expert team at Family Insurance Associates. We specialize in crafting suitable policies that provide ample coverage for you and your car.