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What is the Marketplace or Exchange?

The Healthcare Marketplace, also called the Healthcare Exchange, was established under the Affordable Care Act and is an exchange that offers health insurance plans for purchase during open enrollment periods from private insurance companies. These plans offer a variety of benefits concerning deductibles, coinsurance, and out of pocket maximums. For those who qualify based on income, these plans may come with a subsidy that pays part of the monthly premium.

What is the Private Marketplace?

Insurance can also be purchased from private health insurance companies without going through the federal or state exchange; some of the policies are on the exchange, and others are not. With these policies, there are no subsidies offered, but the choices can be explained. An insurance agent, such as those at Family Insurance Associates in Ruidoso, NM, can help customers navigate the various private plans and direct us towards the policies that best serve our needs.

What are Public Health Plans?

Public health plans are plans that are offered for those who have low income and may need assistance. Medicaid, which has been expanded in New Mexico, is an option for those who qualify. New Mexico's CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) provides low-cost coverage for qualifying children.

The experts at Family Insurance Associates in Ruidoso, NM are available and willing to answer your questions and discuss any personal insurance needs. Please call today, schedule an appointment, or come by the office at your convenience.

Health Insurance Quotes

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Health Plan Quotes


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