Things home insurance doesn’t cover

Your home insurance is a safety net that protects you from many of the bad things life can throw at you. Buying a home for most people is the single largest investment you ever make. Your financial security may rest on the equity you build in this home. Home insurance offers a lot of protection from many hazards, but unfortunately, it doesn’t protect you from everything that can go wrong. At Family Insurance Associates in Ruidoso, NM, we are a full-service independent insurance agency. We are here to help you with all your insurance needs. 

Expensive jewelry and art

Your basic home insurance policy has set limits on the amount of money it will pay on a claim for jewelry and art. The amounts are not high and if you have either works of art or fine jewelry you should talk to your insurance agent to make sure you have adequate coverage. Get an appraisal to show the amount of insurance you need to be protected. 


Floods cause billions of dollars of devastation every year. But homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage from water originating outside the home. Experts say one inch of water can cause more than $25,000 in damage. Imagine what a foot of water can do. The good news is you can purchase flood coverage if you live in a community that supports the National Flood Insurance Program. 

Owner neglect

As a responsible homeowner, it is up to you to maintain your home and repair and replace things as needed. If you end up with damage due to your lack of maintenance, your home insurance will not cover your claim. 

When you need insurance assistance, at Family Insurance Associates in Ruidoso, NM we will be there for you. Contact us if you have questions about home insurance or any other insurance needs you may have.