Must-Have Home Insurance Coverages for Ruidoso, NM Homeowners

Ruidoso, NM residents, surrounded by the beauty of the Lincoln National Forest, understand the importance of protecting their homes from unexpected mishaps and incidents that can lead to devastating economic losses. 

New Mexico residents have unique home insurance needs. 

Insurance professionals at Family Insurance Associates are your trusted local home insurance providers who can help you identify your needs and choose custom solutions like earthquake protection, wildfire protection, and liability coverage that can protect your home and family. 

Must-Have Insurance Coverage for New Mexico Homeowners

Earthquake Insurance 

Nearby states experiencing the damaging physical and economic effects of ground-shaking earthquakes understand the importance of having a comprehensive policy with earthquake insurance coverage. Earthquake insurance can provide an extra layer of protection against unexpected quakes. 

Flood Insurance 

The city of Ruidoso is in close proximity to a few large bodies of water, including the Rio Ruidoso, that can overflow and cause local flooding and damage to homes. 

Wildfire Coverage

Wildfires can happen in the dry seasons that occur in the areas. Ruidoso residents can protect their homes from wildfires’ unpredictable and damaging nature with comprehensive home insurance policies covering these natural disasters. 

Windstorm Protection 

There is no need for local area residents to be blown away by the damaging effects that windstorms can cause to roofing, shingles, and personal property when they have comprehensive home insurance with windstorm protection. 

Comprehensive Home Insurance Quote

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens and you find yourself at an extreme financial disadvantage and having to pay out-of-pocket repair costs for damages related to theft, natural disasters, flooding, and other home-related mishaps. 

Contact the friendly professionals at Family Insurance Associates to learn about your options for coverage and get a free insurance quote today!